You Need To Stop Doing That

You will make thousands of decisions today.

From big decisions to small ones, the decisions we face every day can be overwhelming. Our quick solution is often to add more to our lives: more relationships, more technology hacks, more responsibilities. But if we want to be more successful, have a greater impact, and maintain quality relationships, we need to make quality choices that often involve pruning away some things from our lives. Only then can our priorities have the place they deserve.

What do you need to stop doing?

We face more options today, from the type of toothpaste you use to the job you take, than ever before. quickly leads to decision fatigue, and we fear saying “no” to a good opportunity. But saying yes to one thing often means saying no to something else. As we’ll hear from our guests, we can learn how to say “no” better and we stop doing the things that are keeping us from our achieving our goals and our dreams.

Join us as we learn how to stop doing things in a world where we expect ourselves and others to keep saying yes.


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